In China, an unusual incident unfolded at a zoo, involving what appeared to be a “fake bear.”

In China, an unusual incident unfolded at a zoo, involving what appeared to be a "fake bear."

Twenty thousand people flocked to a zoo in eastern China to witness an alleged ‘fake bear’ after a video showcasing its unusual behavior went viral on social media. In the video, the bear was seen standing tall on two legs, sparking curiosity and skepticism among viewers.

The surge in zoo visitors came as people sought to confirm whether the bear was indeed real or if it was a zoo staff member disguised as a bear. The viral video, which garnered millions of views online, showcased the bear’s towering stance, prompting varied reactions from viewers who were intrigued by its posture and agility.

Speculations arose, with some suggesting that the bear might be a person in disguise, noting discrepancies in the bear’s appearance. However, others were simply drawn to witness the phenomenon firsthand, eager to see the mysterious bear in person.

One enthusiastic fan revealed traveling through the night to catch a glimpse of the bear, while another jokingly suggested that if the bear was indeed a human performer, they deserved an Oscar for their convincing portrayal.

Zoo authorities, however, refuted claims of human involvement, emphasizing that the government-operated zoo would not employ such tactics. They dismissed notions of a person enduring extreme temperatures while clad in a bear suit in sweltering 40-degree Celsius heat.

Explaining the bear’s unusual behavior, zookeepers attributed it to the animal’s remarkable strength and capabilities. They clarified that the bear’s towering stature was not uncommon, as it belonged to a larger breed standing at 1.3 meters tall.

The incident drew parallels to a previous case in Egypt, where a donkey was painted with black and white stripes to resemble a zebra, prompting similar denials from zoo authorities.

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