Data theft from .pk domains websites.

The city of Karachi has been shaken by this revelation.

That millions of people have been victims of data theft from websites using .pk domains in Pakistan.

Russian cyber security firm Kaspersky has revealed alarming statistics.

This indicates that websites with .PK domains are prime targets for cybercriminals. Shockingly, 2.4 million people’s data was stolen from such websites during 2023.

Kaspersky’s annual report paints a grim picture, revealing a staggering 643 percent increase in virus attacks aimed at stealing data from websites. Worryingly, an estimated 10 million devices worldwide will fall victim to data-stealing viruses in 2023 alone, with a total of 443,000 websites being attacked in the past five years.

Of particular concern are websites with .com and .pk domains, with a staggering 24% of .pk domain websites being hacked in Pakistan. This has resulted in the theft of sensitive information from countless individuals. Kaspersky’s data underscores the urgent need for increased cybersecurity measures to protect online data and privacy.

In response to the growing threat, Kaspersky has launched an awareness campaign to inform the public about cyber security best practices. Kaspersky’s Technical Group Manager, Hafeez Rehman emphasized the importance of robust cyber security solutions for both individuals and corporate entities. Cyber attackers often monetize stolen data on the dark web, with prices as high as $10 per file, he warned. Rehman emphasized the important role of proactive cyber security measures in protecting against data breaches and mitigating potential losses.

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