Technology Ethics

The field of technology ethics pertains to ethical considerations particular to the modern Technology Age, characterized by the widespread use of personal computers and other devices facilitating rapid information exchange. It involves applying ethical principles to address the increasing concerns arising from the prominence of new technologies. As technology continues to advance, ethical dilemmas emerge … Read more

The Philosophy of Technology

The philosophy of technology delves into the fundamental questions surrounding the nature, significance, and impact of technology on human existence and society. It explores the ethical, epistemological, and ontological dimensions of technology, examining how technological artifacts and processes shape human experiences, values, and worldviews.One central theme in the philosophy of technology is the relationship between … Read more

The relationship between technology and society

The intertwining of technology, society, life, and culture underscores their interdependence, mutual influence, and collaborative production. Evidence of this interconnectedness dates back to the earliest human use of rudimentary tools, with subsequent technological advancements like the printing press and computers significantly shaping societal evolution. The scientific examination of this relationship began with the development of … Read more

Industrial Revolution-Global Info4

The dawn of the Industrial Revolution, also dubbed the First Industrial Revolution, marked a global shift towards more efficient and widespread manufacturing processes following the Agricultural Revolution. Beginning in Great Britain around 1760 and extending until approximately 1820–1840, this transformative era saw the transition from manual labor to mechanized production, accompanied by advancements in chemistry, … Read more

Medieval technology

Medieval technology Medieval technology, prevalent in Christian-dominated Europe, underwent a transformative phase following the 12th-century Renaissance. This period witnessed a surge in inventions, innovations in production methods, and economic growth. Notable technological advancements included the adoption of gunpowder, the invention of vertical windmills, spectacles, mechanical clocks, and significant improvements in water mills, as well as … Read more

Ancient technology

During the evolution of ancient civilizations, technological progress emerged as a consequence of advancements in engineering during ancient times. These technological breakthroughs played a crucial role in influencing societies to adopt novel ways of living and governance. This article delves into the technological advancements and the evolution of various engineering sciences in historical times leading … Read more

Neolithic Revolution technology-Global Info4

Neolithic Revolution The Neolithic Revolution, also termed the First Agricultural Revolution, marked a widespread shift in numerous human cultures during the Neolithic period in Afro-Eurasia. This transition, occurring approximately 11,700 years ago with the onset of the Holocene epoch following the last Ice Age, witnessed the transformation from a lifestyle centered on hunting and gathering … Read more